Double-sided cosmetic mirror

Mirror, my dear mirror, tell me....

Product number: P3875

Volume / Weight: Diameter 19 cm


A luxurious double-sided cosmetic mirror is an indispensable in every bathroom.The tilting mirror has a metal frame and thanks to the chrome it looks really luxurious. The 5-fold magnification of the mirror makes it easier for you to apply make-up or shave, and is also perfect for cosmetic purposes and cleaning the face. The angle of inclination of the mirror is gradually adjustable.

Dimensions: 33 x 20 x 12 cm
Mirror diameter: 19 cm
Material: chrome plated steel, glass
Colour: silver

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General maintenance instructions for metal products
The surface of chrome plated and stainless steel products requires regular cleaning. Bathroom accessories can be cleaned with hot water and dishwashing liquid (detergent) and then polished with a soft cloth and wiped dry. The best way to remove stronger pollution, e.g. calcium deposits, is to use vinegar. The solution should work for some time, about 15-20 minutes.
After application, the product must be rinsed well with clean water.
On the surfaces of stainless steel products polished to a high gloss, it is necessary to use chlorine-free products, e.g. for cleaning glass.