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Výtvarná 1023/4, 161 00 Praha 6,
Česká republika
Recepce: +420 296 836 111

Dermacol, a.s.

Headquarters seat: Výtvarná 1023/4, Prague 6, ZIP 161 00, Czech Republic

Offices: Avenir Business Park, building A, 4th floor, Radlická 714/113a, Prague 5, ZIP 158 00, Czech Republic
Reception: +420 296 836 111

IČO: 24766208
DIČ: CZ24766208

Registered in the Commercial Register by the Municipal Court in Prague, file number B 16659

Dermacol, a.s. processes personal data of registered members of the Dermacol Beauty Club, and is registered with the Personal Data Protection Office in the Czech Republic under the number 00044813.


Dermacol, LLC

Business address:

24A Trolley Square
PMB 2245
Wilmington, DE 19806