High quality & long-lasting Professional Hair Colors

Choose a shade

Choose a shade

1/0 Black

Product number: E9017

3/0 Dark Brown

Product number: E9018

4/0 Medium Brown

Product number: E9016

5/0 Light Brown

Product number: E9003

6/1 Pearl Blond Brown

Product number: E9067

7/00 Medium Blond++

Product number: E9005

7/0 Medium Blond

Product number: E9000

7/1 Medium Pearl Blond

Product number: E9068

7/2 Medium Blond Ash

Product number: E9020

7/7 Hazel

Product number: E9030

8/00 Light Blond++

Product number: E9006

8/1 Dark Pearl Blond

Product number: E9023

8/2 Light Blond Ash

Product number: E9021

8/22 Light Grey

Product number: E9081

9/00 Very Light Blond++

Product number: E9015

9/1 Pearl Blond

Product number: E9024

9/2 Very Light Blond Ash

Product number: E9022

9/22 Very Light Grey

Product number: E9080

Volume / Weight: 60 ml


    100% coverage
    Long-lasting color results
    Intensive & brilliant look
    Rich care – with Almond protein and Keratin


    100% coverage
    Long-lasting color results
    Intensive & brilliant look
    Rich care – with Almond protein and Keratin


Professional coloration concept – Products designed specially for Hair salons Developed and tested in cooperation with professionals and a leading manufacturer of hair dyes A high quality, long-lasting DERMACOL PROFESSIONAL HAIR COLORS guarantee perfectly brilliant colors, rich care and very good skin compatibility. A range of 50 high quality nuances provide 100% coverage which meets the highest demands in terms of intensive, long-lasting color results. DERMACOL PROFESSIONAL HAIR COLOR nourishes the hair with high-quality active substances during the coloring procedure. Almond protein and keratin strengthen the structure of your hair and ensure a brilliant look and a long-lasting color. Thanks to the high-quality substances DERMACOL PROFESSIONAL HAIR COLOR ensures outstanding covering and perfect color stability. All nuances of the DERMACOL PROFESSIONAL HAIR COLORS range mix well with each other.

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Coverage: 100% coverage (great coverage for grey hair)



For professional use only. Mix 60ml of DERMACOL HAIR COLOR with 60ml of DERMACOL CREAMY OXYDANT in a ratio 1:1, using a non-metallic bowl. Add twice the amount of DERMACOL CREAMY OXYDANT to the DERMACOL HAIR COLOR for intensive lightening (twelfth series). DERMACOL CREAMY OXYDANT should be added only immediately before the color treatment. Choose the DERMACOL CREAMY OXYDANT concentration according to the degree of covering or lightening desired.
After the reaction time, emulsify mixture with some water and rinse thoroughly. Then wash hair carefully with shampoo. Finish treatment with conditioner for neutralization and hair care.
To prepare the color paste we recommend using our DERMACOL CREAMY OXYDANT.
A detailed application plan for coloration of your hairs is described in the Instruction leaflet inside product folder. Follow carefully instructions for use.



Beautiful, brilliant and healthy looking hair without gray hair. DERMACOL PROFESSIONAL HAIR COLORS will provide your hair with an intensive & brilliant look, long-lasting color results and 100% coverage.

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