Dermacol beauty tips

What are the latest trends in make-up for the coming season, which colors are in and how can you apply and combine them correctly? You can learn all of that plus more tricks here.

How can you make yourself look good in photos?

Smile, please!

Do you look at pictures of your friends on social media with a twinge of jealousy? You don’t need any special filters or Photoshop to look great in pictures. With the right make-up, no camera can take you by surprise.

Tomáš Vida, the official Dermacol make-up artist, shares his know-how. Scroll to enter the beauty course.

Flawless skin

It is not always possible to reapply loose powder onto the shiny areas of your face before every shot. So, choosing the right make-up and applying it correctly is crucial for success.

Ideally, begin with a primer, which will increase your make-up’s resistance throughout the day. The combination of a make-up base and a foundation from the Matt Control line will guarantee a great combination for a perfectly matte skin for as long as 18 hours. The Matt Control Base will completely fill in fine lines and pores, smoothen and mattify the skin and prepare it for the application of a foundation. Matt Control Make-Up, with its high-coverage texture, will cover any skin imperfections, adhere to your skin and create a velvety, matte appearance. 

A practical and quick solution, especially for holiday packing, is a two-step make-up that contains a make-up base. With this, you will smoothen out fine lines, camouflage pores and make your skin appear nicely matte. Don’t forget to cover any imperfections under your eyes with a concealer.

Seal your make-up with a transparent powder. To make your face look more 3D, use a bronzer and apply it under your cheek bones. Highlight the bridge of your nose and the heart above your lips with a highlighter.

TIP: Do you know how to properly use a concealer?

Concealing imperfections is very important for guaranteeing good pictures. If you want to give it your best, use a palette of correctors containing several shades. Green shades neutralize any redness and spider veins you may have around your nose and cheeks. Yellow shades cover bruises, veins and other purple- and blue-colored imperfections. Beige correctors unify and effectively conceal pigment spots and small scars. The palette also contains a highlighter that will provide a shine and a fresh appearance to your skin. Apply it onto your cheekbones, nose and in the inner corners of your eyes.


SAY NO to imperfections

TIP: Eyebrows that will not let you down

When shaping your eyebrows, use a powder shadow pencil with a foam applicator. It looks more natural and is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about any faux-pas, even on the beach. Choosing the proper shade is very important – it should be at most one shade darker than the color of your hair.

To make your eyes appear bigger and the area under your eyebrows brighter, use the special 2in1 corrector for the under-eyebrow area. It neutralizes and evens your skin tone while perfectly contouring your brows. The shimmer will provide a fine glow to the area under your brows and optically enlarge and brighten your eyes.

As the first step, apply Eye Shadow Base over the whole eyelid to make your eye make-up more resistant and the colors more vivid. When applying make-up on your eyes, avoid dark colors and sharp lines, which make you look older. Choose natural nude shades. Apply a nude shade over the whole eyelid to make your eyes stand out. Highlight the crease of your eye with a brown shade and blend it in. To make your eyes appear more open and shinier, apply the lightest shade in the inner corners of your eyes. Use a white kohl pencil for the inner line to make your eyes look bigger. Its creamy texture makes it ideal for highlighting your inner corners. After application, just smudge it away with a finger.


The lips of a femme fatale

A smile is the alpha and omega of any good picture. You can multiply this effect with the correct make-up. If you have large, full lips, you can wear bolder lipsticks that will make them stand out. If your lips are narrow and you would like to make them to appear bigger, use a nude lipstick or a gloss. For a more precise application, do not forget to use a lip liner that is the same color as your lipstick.

To make your lip make-up long-lasting throughout the day, apply lips a light layer of foundation on your lips using the special make-up brush as the first step. Then, using the large brush, powder your lips with invisible fixing powder – light shade. Then you can contour your lips with a lip liner. As the last step, color the lips with a lipstick. For a more precise application and a better appearance of lip make-up, apply the lipstick using the special brush for lips.

Tip: Juice up your lips

Apply the multiproduct that you used to highlight your skin to the center of your naked lips.


For endless eye lashes

Using a mascara is the base of the everyday make-up routine of each woman. Choosing the right mascara is the first step for irresistible lashes. It’s very individual and it depends on the quality of your lashes – you can choose from among volumizing, lengthening or curling mascaras.

For the proper application when applying mascara, hold the brush in a horizontal position and start at the roots and proceed towards the tips, lifting the eyelashes slightly upward while moving the brush as if you were writing the letter "Z".


For beautifully full and long eyelashes, the mascaras can be combined. First, apply the thicker layer of volumizing Devilash Mascara on the whole length of the lashes and then apply a thinner layer of lengthening Vampire Mascara on the tips of the lashes. The plastic brush of Vampire Mascara will perfectly comb the lashes.


Juicy skin that is ready for make-up application

Day after day, your skin is exposed to UV rays and pollutants and the adverse effects of the environment in which you live. Therefore, everyday skin care and the use of cosmetics products with targeted active ingredients specially developed for your skin type are essential now more than ever!

Juicy skin… that’s hydrated and moisturized skin.


Moisturized skin always look fresh and young. With properly combined products, your skin can look this way too. Do not forget to use a face serum, even if you use a moisturizing cream. Apply several drops of serum onto cleansed skin, thoroughly rub it in and let it be absorbed. Then apply a moisturizing cream. Finally, tap a small amount of eye cream into the sensitive area around your eyes. Your skin will be radiant all day long.