Dermacol partnership

Because of the connection with film and theatre from the very beginning of the brand, Dermacol supports domestic theatre scenes. Dermacol also engages in charitable philanthropy and supports Zdeňka Žádníková’s Foundation. Dermacol cosmetics brings colors and joy to Czech and Slovak theatres and hospitals.

Foundation of Zdeňka Žádníková

Foundation of Zdeňka Žádníková

The Foundation of Zdeňka Žádníková has been implementing the Children's Smile Project in hospital facilities for ten years. The fund decorates the sterile areas of children's wards and waiting rooms to make them more pleasant and friendlier because the child's smile is the first step to winning the fight with a disease. You can help with us by purchasing products in the Dermacol stores or in our online store. 

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The National Theatre in Prague

The National Theatre

The National Theatre is the prime stage of the Czech Republic. It is also one of the symbols of the national identity and a part of the European cultural heritage. We support our prominent Czech artists, as the fascial make-up is one of the fundaments of a theatre and the fundament of the fascial make-up is Dermacol. The first make-up in the first theatre of the Czech Republic, Dermacol celebrated the 50th Anniversary on the stage of the National Theatre in 2016.

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Karlín Musical Theatre in Prague

Karlín Musical Theatre

Dermacol has supported the Karlín Musical Theatre for 8 years. We supply the cosmetics for the dancers, actors and singers. The theatre building served originally as a circus, music hall and a cabaret. During the German occupation, it hosted the National Theatre ensemble, especially the two classics Voskovec and Werich. Today, all artists of Karlín Musical Theatre use Dermacol cosmetics.

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New Scene Theatre in Bratislava

New Scene Theatre

Since 2017, Dermacol is a partner of the New Scene Theatre in Bratislava, which is a musical theatre but you can also find drama performances as well as performances for children in its repertory. The legendary Make-up Cover among other favourite Dermacol cosmetic products cherish the beauty of popular Slovak actors and actresses.