Legendary high-covering foundation

Choose a shade

Choose a shade

Dermacol Make-up Cover No. 207 very light beige with apricot undertone

Product number: 1107

Dermacol Make-up Cover No. 208 very light ivory

Product number: 1108A

Dermacol Make-up Cover No. 209 very light beige with peach undertone

Product number: 1109A

Dermacol Make-up Cover No. 210 light beige

Product number: 1110A

Dermacol Make-up Cover No. 211 light beige-rosy

Product number: 1111B

Dermacol Make-up cover No. 212 light rosy with beige undertone

Product number: 1112B

Dermacol Make-up Cover No. 213 medium beige with rosy undertone

Product number: 1113B

Dermacol Make-up Cover No. 215 medium beige with reddish undertone

Product number: 1115B

Dermacol Make-up Cover No. 218 medium beige with yellow undertone

Product number: 1118

Dermacol Make-up Cover No. 225 medium beige

Product number: 1125

Dermacol Make-up Cover No. 226 medium beige with hint of olive undertone

Product number: 1126

Dermacol Make-up Cover No. 221 sandy beige with olive undertone

Product number: 1121A

Dermacol Make-up Cover No. 222 golden dark beige

Product number: 1122A

Dermacol Make-up Cover No. 223 dark olive with beige undertone

Product number: 1123A

Dermacol Make-up Cover No. 224 - dark orange-brown with golden undertone

Product number: 1124A

Dermacol Make-up Cover No. 227 medium golden beige

Product number: 1127

Dermacol Make-up Cover No. 228 caramel with orange undertone

Product number: 1128

Dermacol Make-up Cover No. 229 warm chocolate brown

Product number: 1129

Dermacol Make-up Cover No. 231 warm brown with orange undertone

Product number: 1131

Volume / Weight: 30 g


    For all skin types
    SPF 30


    For all skin types
    SPF 30


The clinically tested, extreme covering Make-up Cover was created as the first of its kind in Europe and one of the first in the world. The license for this foundation was eventually sold to Hollywood. It contains 50% pigments, which makes it a weapon against skin imperfections. DERMACOL MAKE-UP COVER provides PERFECT COVERAGE even in thin layers and is the perfect corrector for dark under-eye, unpleasant spots and skin blemishes. It completely covers acne, loss of pigmentation, post surgical bruising, tattoos etc. It may be used on the entire face or body for color correction, darkening or lightening the skin tones, and ensuring ideal balance. It is widely used as a professional make-up for photo or film shoots, modeling and for festive occasions.

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Coverage: Full (extreme)



Choose the right color shade for your skin. Gently tap the make-up onto your skin with either your fingers or with a damped make-up sponge. Apply the Dermacol Make-up Cover gradually by first using a small quantity and then add as needed until all skin problems are covered. (the Make-up Cover has a rich consistency and provides extreme coverage. Therefore, it is important to apply the make-up evenly).



Dermacol Make-up Cover provides outstanding coverage with a natural looking finish for your entire face and body. Your skin will be well balanced and have a velvety matte appearance.

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